Have you ever sat down to Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, tamales, saag paneer, whatever) only to talk politics and inadvertently ruin Thanksgiving?

Or, maybe you want to bring up politics because you can’t believe your uncle or aunt voted for THAT candidate, but you’re scared to start a conversation at the Thanksgiving table that might devolve into screaming and throwing cranberry sauce, or with one/all of you in tears.

Well this year we want you to deliberately #RuinThanksgiving2017.

Okay, we don’t really want you to ruin Thanksgiving. But we do want you to have tough conversations with your family. America is more divided than ever (except for maybe that little old thing called the Civil War), and the stakes are too high in this very low moment for our country. We are providing the tools for you to have uncomfortable conversations with family who may have voted for someone you hate, or who have polar opposite opinions on issues. 

We know it won’t be easy, but we’re here for you. Just call us the digital Butterball Hotline for tough conversations. 

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