About #RuinThanksgiving2017

A Hindu, a Muslim, and a Jewish Methodist walk into a (burning) bar...

After last year's election, a bunch of people, ourselves included, wanted to do something. But in the middle of organizing and movement building, we often forget that in order to actually cause change, we need strong relationships: relationships with family, with our community, and with our leaders. 

At Thanksgiving, we gather with the people with whom we have the strongest – and/or most complicated –relationships, and that is a huge opportunity for honest conversation. We’re not saying you HAVE to change your racist uncle's mind, but if we can’t talk to our family about hard things, how can we expect to move strangers? 

We started this website because we hope it’ll encourage you to take the risk and have a conversation with a family member (or friend) that you’ve been shying away from. Hopefully, you’ll be able to understand them better, and/or help each other evolve in your views.

Our goal is to empower people to talk to those they disagree with, and to help them have constructive conversations. And what better time to do that than when breaking bread at Thanksgiving? Think of your family as practice! At the very least, you can test out your ideas and messages on people who even if they disagree with you, will still love you (hopefully).


Who Are We?

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Archana Sahgal

has worked at myriad nonprofits and served in both city and federal government.  She currently has her hands full with a 3 month old baby and a 3 year old toddler. She lives in Los Angeles and is spending Thanksgiving in Modesto, California.

  • Favorite Thanksgiving Dish to #RuinThanksgiving:
    Pumpkin pie, obviously.
  • Topics that have ruined past Thanksgivings:
    Immigration reform

Amna Farooqi

is a community organizer in South Georgia. In another life, she would write romance novels with actual plot. She is spending Thanksgiving in her hometown in Maryland. 

  • Favorite Thanksgiving Dish to #RuinThanksgiving:
    Obviously pumpkin pie, is there even another dish?
  • Topics that have ruined past Thanksgivings:
    Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Rachel George

Rachel George

works in all things design and communication, and has worked with various nonprofits and NGOs. She dreams of directing a Marvel movie and/or working with Lin-Manuel Miranda. She is spending Thanksgiving with family in Virginia. 

  • Favorite Thanksgiving Dish to #RuinThanksgiving:
    Mashed potatoes (happily paired with pumpkin pie)
  • Topics that have ruined past Thanksgivings/gatherings:
    Rape culture, removal of Confederate memorials/statues